BYP is unique, being the only youth club in West Yorkshire which specialises in delivering all of its youth work through the performing arts. We combine the best bits of a theatre school and an amateur dramatics group in a youth club setting.

Youth Clubs

Bradford Youth Players currently run three performing arts-based youth clubs that specialise in using the performing arts as the basis for their youth work: Act 1, and Act 2.

BYP's Act 1 and Act 2 clubs meet on Tuesday evenings and provide performing arts opportunities for young people in school years 3 to 6 and 7 to 13 respectively. Act 1 is open to all young people from school year 3, with members progressing into Act 2 when they start school year 7. Club members in school year 6 may be given the chance to attend some Act 2 sessions in addition to Act 1 to help with the transition between groups, subject to the two clubs' performing schedules (see Join BYP). It may also be possible for a young person to attend the 'wrong' group in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the relevant group leader in this siutation.

BYP's clubs offer young people the chance to explore and develop their skills in drama, music and dance, showcasing their abilities through musical theatre productions and cabaret nights. Each group does several performances each year, and shows are presented in local theatres when suitable funding is available. BYP have performed plays and musicals in a number of venues in Bradford in recent years, including the Bradford Playhouse (BD1), Henry Mitchell Hall at Bradford College (BD7), Lord Kalms Theatre (BD5) and the Hockney Theatre (BD9), as well as in our regular meeting premises at Little Lane (BD9).

Member Subs

BYP club members pay weekly subs of £4.00 (£3.50 for Beginners), in line with subscription levels at other youth clubs.

Subs are normally paid weekly, but other payment methods are possible if agreed with the club youth leader.

Financial Policies

BYP has policies in place to ensure that no young person is excluded from our activities for financial reasons.

Leaders can reduce or waive subs to ensure that no-one misses out, and any member or parent who has difficulty paying the weekly subs should speak to the relevant club leader in confidence.

Value for Money

BYP take great pride in the high standard of our activities and performances. We also demonstrate excellent value for money. At just £4 per week for a 2-hour session you'll struggle to find high-quality performing-arts activities and training at a comparable price!

Easy Fundraising

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